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Fines SA is your ally in navigating the ins and out of AARTO. When you sign up to our online platform, you will be alerted to AARTO traffic fines. You will also be able to track demerit points, which AARTO will be implementing in September 2025. Whether you're an individual driver or managing a fleet for your business, our online AARTO fine management solutions are designed to make motorists’ lives easier.

AARTO Fine Management Services for Individuals:

  • Manage and pay AARTO fines online
  • Learn about demerit points and how they accumulate
  • Become familiar with the steps to stay within the 15-demerit point limit

AARTO Fine Management Services for Businesses:

  • Understand how AARTO impacts your business
  • Efficiently manage your company fines online
  • Stay proactive in protecting your drivers and maintaining compliance
  • Protect your proxy from penalties
  • To learn everything about AARTO visit our partner at: www.aboutaarto.co.za

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    What is AARTO?
    AARTO (the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences) is one of the two traffic fine systems operating in South Africa. It has revolutionised the handling of traffic offences by introducing an administrative process for managing traffic fines. Central to AARTO is its demerit points system, which assigns points to offenders and can result in licence suspensions for repeat violations. The demerit point system will be implemented in September 2025.
    What offences are covered by AARTO?
    AARTO covers a wide range of traffic offences including speeding, reckless driving, illegal parking, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, not wearing a seatbelt, driving without a valid license, reckless or negligent driving, failing to obey traffic signs and using a mobile phone while driving, among others.
    Is the AARTO system active nationwide?
    The AARTO system is currently being used in Gauteng, specifically in the municipalities of Johannesburg and Tshwane (Pretoria), but it will be implemented nationwide in time.
    How do I pay for AARTO fines?
    Fines SA provides an online platform for easy and secure AARTO fine payments. Simply login to view your fines, select the fines you wish to pay and proceed through the “pay my fine” payment process.
    How does the AARTO demerit system work?
    The demerit system assigns points for different traffic offences. Accumulating over 15 points results in the suspension of your driver's licence.
    How are demerit points calculated?
    Various traffic offences carry a specific number of demerit points. The points accumulate, and if you reach the maximum limit of 15 points, your licence will be suspended for three months for every point accumulated over the 15-point threshold.
    How can I check my demerit points?
    Once AARTO has launched the demerit point system in September 2025, you will be able to check your points when you SIGN IN to your Fines SA account. You will also be able to check your demerit point status on the Fines SA app.
    Will Fines SA alert me to AARTO fines and demerits?
    If you have outstanding AARTO traffic fines, you will get a monthly statement via email and WhatsApp which will include AARTO fines and demerits.
    How can I check an AARTO infringement notice?
    SIGN IN to your account on the Fines SA site to see all infringement notices.
    Can I contest an AARTO infringement notice?
    Yes, you have the right to contest an infringement notice. Follow the procedures for lodging an objection or representation directly with the RTIA (Road Traffic Infringement Agency).

    To learn more, visit our partner at: www.aboutaarto.co.za
    What happens if I ignore an AARTO traffic fine?
    Ignoring a traffic fine can lead to increased penalties, higher fines, and ultimately, the suspension of your driver's licence through an enforcement order.
    How can businesses manage AARTO for their fleets?
    Fleet managers can sign up with Fines SA to effectively manage their fleet's fines. This allows them to perform regular checks on drivers' demerit points and ensure timely payment of fines. Additionally, our app enables fleet managers to conveniently monitor the status of drivers' demerit points.
    Is there a grace period for AARTO fine payments?
    The sooner you pay AARTO fines, the more you save. You have 32 days to pay your fine and receive a 50% discount. After 32 days, you will need to pay the full price.
    Are any discounts offered for prompt payments?
    If you pay within 32 days of receiving a fine, you will get a 50% discount. After 32 days, the total penalty amount must be paid.
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