About Us

Fines SA has been a trusted name in the vehicle administration industry for over 30 years. The company was created to provide a centralized, one-stop platform for individuals and businesses to manage their traffic fines.

In South Africa, the traffic fine system is fragmented, with two different systems and fines issued by 257 individual municipalities. This complexity has historically made the process cumbersome for motorists.

Recognising these challenges, Fines SA was established to simplify fine management and provide a comprehensive solution. Over the years, we have evolved into the leading platform in the industry, offering a range of services tailored to meet the needs of our diverse clientele, including individuals, businesses and fleet managers.

Our solution – a comprehensive, user-friendly, cost effective and reliable platform
Our mission – to simplify fine management and payment
Our promise – a hassle-free experience and peace of mind

Barry Berman

The Company

CEO Barry Berman is a visionary entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of the vehicle administration industry for 30 years. His journey began in 1994 when he recognised the opportunity to simplify vehicle administration processes and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy. He has consistently aimed to alleviate the challenges faced by customers in vehicle administration — such as queuing, registration number transfers, personalised number plates and fine management — by offering straightforward solutions. Under his leadership, Fines SA has continuously innovated to deliver the best customer experience and the most comprehensive solutions to address motorists' challenges.

Our reason for being – Giving you total peace of mind

  • To reduce road fatalities through education and awareness
  • To promote positive change in driver behaviour
  • To make our roads safer for all – pedestrians and motorists alike
  • To simplify the method of online fine payments

Core Values

  • Honesty & Integrity: Be open and honest with customers and team members alike
  • Customer Centricity: If we serve the needs and wants of our customers then we will all be successful
  • Entrepreneurial Work Ethic: Think and innovate out the box keeping the customer top of mind at all times
  • Fairness and Inclusion: We are a team and all members are treated equally and have the same opportunities
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Fines SA Cape Town
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