Why must a company pay their fines?

  • Your Identity Document (ID) if you are the Proxy for the business could be allocated an Administrative Block in the Traffic Information System, which is unnecessary stress and difficult to remove off their system.
  • The knock-on effect?
    • you will need to pay additional penalties
    • you will not be able to renew your car license(s)
    • you will not be able to register a car
    • insurance claims could be repudiated
    • If you are stopped in a road block then you can be arrested if warrants have been issued

Our key objectives are:

  • Provide regular Reports to the Proxy.
  • Protect the Proxy / Representative of the business from either arrest and / or loss of license
  • Provide real time data so that drivers can get their fines timeously and pay quicker, which could lead to increased awareness and a change in driver behaviour patterns which in turn would make our roads safer.
  • Provide a brand-new revenue stream for you and / or a discount to be passed on to your drivers/clients.
  • AARTO: Keep a close eye on Driver Demerit Points (DDP) and Professional Driving Points (PDP) validity.

How does it Work?

Step One

Sign up if you are a first time user of the platform to create your account. Verify your email ( check junk and clutter folders!)

Step Two

Sign in to view your account, select the fines that you wish to pay

Step Three

Pay via one of our convenient payment methods, including: Snapscan, Zapper, Masterpass, Mobicred, Credit and Debit cards, EFT or cash

Step Four

We will send you the receipt numbers electronically for your records. Some receipts may take some time as we rely on Municipalities to issue them

Case study of a fleet client

The situation

A national fleet client was heavily reliant on receiving traffic fines via post. Inundated with paper they employed staff to help with issues. Incomplete information provided by traffic departments caused more confusion. Traffic fines were not paid timeously, incurring additional costs. The Fleet’s Proxy had regular warrants of arrest being issued.

Their challenges

  • Fines were either not posted, arriving in duplicate, or even triplicate which was extremely confusing
  • Additional full time staff were then employed to try and resolve the situation or at the very least try and keep it under control
  • Lack of reliable systems and real time information made it impossible to manage, resulting in costly chaos
  • Attempting to settle fines and necessary receipt number in over 250 Municipalities was both frustrating and time consuming
  • Drivers would leave the business and fines could not be recovered which resulted in the fleet owner having to foot the bill

The reality

Fines SA proprietary traffic fine management system now enables them to:

  • Managing and paying Fines is not the National Fleet’s core business, but an essential part of it
  • Setting up or expanding an internal Fines department costs money
  • Without access to specialised online systems and access to the necessary information, would make their situation even worse
  • With the introduction of Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) including a demerit system of 12 points, managing all these moving parts should be left to a specialised company – Fines SA

The reality

The client turned to us not only for our professional turnkey solution but also to facilitate creating their own profit centre
FinesSA was their solution, As our proprietary traffic fine Management system provided the following:

  • We delivered a “helicopter view” to capture their full picture of all outstanding fines at any time
  • We offered a solution to complement our new clients existing infrastructure which can be modified when necessary i.e. with the introduction of AARTO in June 2020
  • Our automated processes enable us to review fines in real-time
  • Their drivers were penalised timeously so funds were recovered, reducing their bad debts
  • This Fleet Owner has saved up to 50% on all fines • Administration staff was reduced saving more costs

Contact our Fleet Managers

Fines SA turnkey specialist solutions to manage Fleet Traffic Fines initially started with SA’s Fleet Management’s vocal concern to ‘make a real difference on a large scale’. By using our free services on our platform, we are able to limit their paperwork, streamline their processes, safer driving protects vehicles from accidents & damage, pay their fines timeously and they also receive meaningful discounts. Basically, we are able to manage their entire process. In reality, this visible change in behaviour has had a ‘trickle-down effect’, on their drivers with regard to real-time accountability and timeously penalised for their traffic infringements. Ultimately, together we all have the propensity to literally saves more lives on the road”