The AARTO points demerit system explained

AARTO has been in the news a lot lately. If you've been looking for a quick guide on what it is and what it means for you - this is it.


AARTO stands for ‘Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offenses'. The AARTO Amendment Act aims to create a safer driving environment for all motorists and pedestrians and to ensure that offences are dealt with fairly. It is administered by the Road Traffic Infringement Authority (RTIA) which is a state-owned entity funded mainly by traffic fines.

AARTO Points demerit system explained


In short: AARTO is based on a points demerit system, where you lose a set amount of points for driving infringements. Every type of licence starts with zero demerit points. For example, a learner driver may accumulate up to 6 demerit points without losing his or her driving privileges, and a licensed driver may accumulate up to 15 demerit points without losing his or her driving privileges. Different infringements carry different demerit points, depending on severity.

Demerit points are applied when the fine is paid, an enforcement order is issued, or the person charged with a criminal offence is convicted. Unfortunately, paying the fine does not prevent demerit points, once you 'earned' them they are on your permanent record.

Demerit points are reduced at a rate of one point every three months until your score is back to zero. When the threshold specified above is exceeded (i.e. 15 points for regular drivers), the licence or relevant document is suspended for three months for each demerit point over the threshold.

During the suspension period, the affected person may not drive AND the affected vehicle may not be driven.

A driver's licence may be suspended twice in the lifetime of its holder. If the threshold is again exceeded after two suspensions, the driver's license is cancelled.

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Importantly - you'll find a handy reference guide on the number of points per infringement, as well as news as it becomes available on the status of large-scale implementation.


Paying a fine takes more than a day or two to reflect on a traffic fine management system. AARTO and municipalities have backlogs, and if a warrant has been issued for your arrest they will have to go to court. Click here for more details.


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