Roadblock season is now open

The mid-year holidays are here and we're all looking forward to taking a break. School holidays are also the time of the year when road fatalities increase. In January 2022, statistics revealed that fatalities increased in most provinces. The main causes of the road fatalities during this period were:

  • 1. Speeding
  • 2. Jaywalking
  • 3. Wet or slippery road surface
  • 4. Overtaking across barrier lines
  • 5. Poor visibility

You can get more of the statistic here.

To curtail the increase in fatalities over the festive season, the prevalence of roadblocks and speed traps will also be increasing, and more fines issued.

The purpose of roadblocks is to identify drunk drivers, check the validity of vehicles and driver’s licenses and to search for illegal goods. Speed traps aim to calm down high speeding zones and enforce maximum driving speeds.

So now that roadblock season is open, you could encounter two types of roadblocks: Informal and K78 roadblocks. We did a article on the two different types of roadblocks and your rights when you're stopped at them. Make sure you have a quick look before you head on your road trip.

Roadblock is now open


If you have a warrant of arrest out on your name, you could run into serious trouble at a roadblock. Many instances have been noted where drivers were arrested if an ID check showed an outstanding warrant of arrest.

Possible arrest at a roadblock is one of the results of not paying your fines. Another is an admin block.


As you know - driving without a licence is a serious traffic offense in South Africa. And if you neglect to pay your traffic fines, you could eventually find yourself at a roadblock in this very position. An admin block on the eNaTIS system happens when you have outstanding traffic fines or warrants. Lifting an admin block is quite a story... and could see you driving around illegally while you try to get it sorted out. And it gets more complicated if you're in an accident. Insurance companies could ask for a valid driver’s licence when processing an insurance claim, and could use the fact that your licence has lapsed as a reason not to pay out a claim.


In many cases, drivers do not even realise that a warrant of arrest has been issued or an admin block initiated. Mainly because in South Africa, fines are often still posted. The first step to avoid stressful roadblock situations is to know your traffic fine status. So click here to register to see your outstanding traffic fines.


Paying a fine takes more than a day or two to reflect on a traffic fine management system. AARTO and municipalities have backlogs, and if a warrant has been issued for your arrest they will have to go to court. Click here for more details.


Claim your free, comprehensive traffic fine report today. You can then decide which fines are priority, and which infringements can be settled later. You can also request reports for family members.

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