If you are stopped at a roadblock with an outstanding traffic fine in South Africa, what happens?

The short answer: You could be arrested.

Before a summer holiday road trip, the last thing you want is to be caught in a jam because of outstanding traffic fines.

A warrant is usually issued for your arrest if you fail to pay a traffic fine by the due date, or fail to appear in court on a criminal summons. If you come across an officer in possession of that warrant, you may be arrested. Police at roadblocks may not have a warrant, but they can still check whether you have outstanding fines by recognizing your license plate or ID number.

In many cases, drivers do not even realise that there is a warrant out for their arrest before it is too late. Don’t let this be you. There have been instances in which police have been able to arrest drivers because a warrant had been issued for the driver's arrest.

Roadblock with an outstanding traffic fines.

The police cannot demand payment for outstanding traffic fines immediately. In this situation, motorists have a number of rights they can exercise; however, most practical if this type of stressful situation is avoided altogether.

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